Driver Development

Three Sixteen Motorsports LLC Legend Car Rental Opportunities

Three Sixteen Motorsports LLC offers two different categories for car rentals.

  • Driver Development Program

  • Arrive and Drive Experienced

Driver Development*:

There are two options for driver development; Practice Session & Racing Event.  Driver development is included but not limited to teaching driver how to drive Legend car (starting, operating, using gears, etc.).  Driver coaching that include tips and pointers on racing lines, braking, corner speed, braking zone, different conditions to look for, how dirt changes over course of event, etc.  Instruction on race day car procedures, routine car prep throughout the day, items to check and do throughout the week in shop maintenance.

Practice Session

Available upon request.


Racing Events

Beginner/Entry Level- This is for the brand-new driver that will need to be taught quite a bit.  Will be in safe and competitive car to race and get experience with as well as coaching and teaching throughout the event.  If driver has never been in a race car recommend Practice Session prior to race.


Beginner Plus - This option is for a more experienced beginner.  Will need moderate to minimum level of coach/teaching.  A driver that may fall in this category could be those that may be moving up from another division.  May be well versed and great driver but need coaching in driving a Legend car and operating it.  Will be in a safe car capable of winning.

Arrive and Drive Experienced*: 

This program is for experienced drivers and those that have raced in Legend Cars or similar race car in the past.  This option would be for the racer that is looking to get in a Legend Car and need minimum coaching to be competitive.  Cost would include a safe and competitive car for one night of racing. 

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With all options driver or parent/guardian would be responsible for any and all damages to the car regardless of who is at fault as well as track fees (i.e. personal gate fee, car registration, transponder fee, etc.) driver keeps payout at the end of the night.  Must bring your own racing equipment/safety apparel (i.e. suit, helmet, racereciever, HANS, gloves, shoes, etc.).  Driver is responsible for all safety measures and the maintaining of your safety gear.  Once again you will be responsible for your own entry fee and gate fees but you keep all your winnings.  You are responsible for any and all damages that may occur.  All replacement parts will be new and purchased from Three Sixteen Motorsports LLC at USLC list price.